Picture Credits

Picture Credits

We would like to extend a special heartfelt Thank-you to everybody who has granted us permission to use their amazing photos of Venice, Rome, Florence, Tuscany and beyond!

Particularly, we would like to recognize the incredible work of the photographer Alessandro Giannini and his Studio ScattovisuAle and for collaborating with us on this project, as well as on our United-States Travel Portal (www.usawelcome.net). The collaboration with Alessandro started during the early phases of our project and he provided us with incredible Photos and Media material throughout the development phase and launch of our 2 brand-new Sites. His incredible work and generosity made it possible for us to “beautify” our web-pages and give visual context to our product descriptions and travel information. Giannini’s Photos have been published in the following destinations: Rome, Florence, Tuscany, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Yosemite National Parks, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley and Zion Park.

To follow Alessandro Giannini and his work please visit:

Website: ScattovisuAle
Facebook: Scattovisuale – Servizi Fotografici
Flickr: Alessandro Giannini
Instagram: Alessandro Giannini
Google+: Scattovisuale di A.Giannini
Pinterest: Alessandro Giannini

Additionally, We would like to thank:

Francesca Turchi: travel blogger.
To follow Francesca Turchi and her Blog please visit:
Website Blog: Travel’s Tales
Facebook: Travel’s Tales
Flickr: Francesca Turchi

If you sent us your pictures and your name does not appear on the list, please write us at [laura.demarco@usawelcome.net] so we can include your name as well.

If you are interested in lending us your Photos to be published on our site, please write us at [laura.demarco@usawelcome.net]